Before Facebook there was Multiply and I am one of those early techies who love to upload photos, tweak HTML, and write stories online. My multiply site which used to be an online blog eventually turned into an online marketplace. My fondness for online shopping and kawaii stuff actually led me to the biggest Asian beauty loots you can find in South Korea and that includes the hit circle lenses. In a way, I have a knack for selling which actually rooted from my early childhood dream. I always dream of running a boutique with a cash register and so I began selling from grade school all the way to college from small trinkets to snack I sold them all. In the end, instead of having this brick and mortar store I end up having an online dashboard and an e-commerce site that serves thousands of happy clients.

notebook.gif HISTORY BY THE YEAR

    • 2007  I started a small shop with my personal blog at the defunct site called Multiply of which I am selling stuff that I bought abroad. Then Later on when I started earning enough to have a small online store, I then transferred and named the site as thepinkshoppe.

    • 2010 thru various reading and self-study, I was able to understand how HTML, and CSS work and so we decided to cater international orders as we have clients that are based in various part of the world and so www.thepinkshoppe.com was born.

    • 2011 with the increasing popularity and growing clientele, we were able to add more products that were sourced from Hongkong, Thailand, Taiwan, Europe and the US.

    • 2012 THEPINKSHOPPE first official front store in Laguna opens, sadly after a year, we have to close the store as for some personal reason.

    • 2014-2015 During these years we're on hiatus and we’re only open to old client and social media followersonly. 

    • 2016 We opened our first Shopee Store and we started to rebuild again our online store.

    • 2018 New Self Hosted Website was born and this is the most advance website that I did for the last couple of years and hoping to last for decades.

    • 2019 Joined Lazada and we're still updating thepinkshoppe Lazada Store.  


  • WHAT’S NEXT? well we’re still chasing our dreams and pursuing our happiness by expanding this little pink store. my husband and I are open to new horizon for thepinkshoppe so like us be excited as we’re always on the go to find ways on how we can give trendy and kawaii fashion at an affordable cost.

1430401lbat67ynlw.gif COMPELLING VISION

We visualize that in time thepinkshoppe will have several branches (one step at a time) in key cities in the country that will cater quality & branded items at an affordable cost and employ people that will eventually reduce the unemployment rate and help those people in need. We also dream of having our own line of items that will be produced locally to help the local industry while making a name of its own internationally.


This site is run and maintained by husband & wife Andy & Maria, which are both Nurses by profession but chose to be entrepreneurs. We decided to have business as we love to stay with the family and nurse our three (3) lovely kids named Denise, Drake & Dwyane. We had been in Online marketing since 2007 studying the trend and its detail that somehow established a good clientele based both local and abroad. The keepers also love to travel to find unique and trendy items that can be offered here without the client to go and shop abroad. PASABUY will OPEN SOON!